52 Healthy Habits: 52 Healthy Snack Ideas, How to Avoid the Vending Machine

Welcome to the latest edition of 52 healthy habits, where each week we tackle a new healthy habit. Living a healthy lifestyle is not about willpower or motivation. It's all about your habits day in and day out. Establish healthy habits then you'll live a healthy lifestyle.

It doesn't matter if you are starting your journey this week or have been living healthfully for the last ten years, there is always room for incremental improvements. Small steps lead to big changes over time. 

This week we are talking about snacking. The secret to success with snacking is planning ahead. A daily trip to the vending machine can turn into an unhealthy habit if you're not prepared. 

I love snacking. I prefer to eat slightly smaller meals and then spread out the calories over a morning and afternoon snack. I usually prepare and bring my lunch to work and add a variety of healthy snacks to my bag.

Here are 52 reasons to avoid the vending machine. You'll never succumb to the pull of the quarter machine when you have healthy snacks in your back pocket (literally or figuratively). Here are some ideas to get you started. 

52 Healthy Snack Ideas

1. Pistachios

2. Cashews

3. String cheese

4. Plain Greek yogurt with berries

5. Cottage cheese with berries 

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6. Cottage cheese with pineapples

7. Fruit salad

8. Baby carrots and hummus

9. Apple slices and natural peanut butter

10. Celery and natural peanut butter

11. Cherry tomatoes with mozzarella 

12. Grapes

13. Protein bites

14. Almonds

15. Orange or clementines

16. Raisins

17. Mini peppers

18. Banana and natural peanut butter

19. Hard boiled eggs

20. Cherries

21. Protein shake

I am a Premier Protein ambassador. All opinions are my own. 

I am a Premier Protein ambassador. All opinions are my own. 

Or mix your own protein shake. Click image for recipe.

22. Raw veggies with guacamole

23. Sunflower seeds

24. Sugar snap peas

25. Tuna lettuce wraps

26. Natural turkey roll ups

27. Edamame

28. Natural peanut butter on whole wheat toast

29. Avocado on whole wheat toast

30 Cucumber slices with tuna

31. Small garden salad

32. Shrimp with cocktail sauce

33. Natural turkey jerky

34. Homemade protein bars, click image for recipe

35. Unsweetened applesauce

36. Fruit skewers

37. Strawberries

38. Old fashion oatmeal (add berries and cinnamon to flavor)

39. Nut butters on a spoon

40. Natural granola

41. Raw veggies with Greek yogurt dip

42. Flavored tuna packs

43. Sardines

44. Sliced tomatoes with feta cheese

45. Marinated mushrooms

46. Air popped popcorn

47. Powdered peanut butter mixed with plain yogurt

48. Watermelon

49. Peach

50. Pumpkin seeds

51. Deviled eggs

52. Black beans and corn

My brain kind of hurts from thinking of 52 healthy snacks. hah. Did I miss any of your favorites? What's your favorite healthy snack? 

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