Hire A Coach To Fast Track Results (Even Coaches Need Coaches)

Some people were surprised to hear that I hired a barbell strength coach. As a coach myself, I value coaching. If I have any gaps in knowledge, the best way to fast track results is to hire a subject-matter expert. In this blog post I tell you about my experience at Fort Worth Strength and Conditioning in Keller and discuss the value and benefits of hiring a coach.

3 Books That Will Transform Your Running Performance + A Bonus Book to Make Sure It All Sticks

I share three books that can transform your running performance, to train smarter, run faster, injury-free—plus a bonus book on habit change to make sure it all sticks. There is catch. You have to do the daily consistent work over months and years to get there. If you are willing to do the mobility exercises, skill work, drills, and training, you can make massive improvements. It’s a lifestyle. It’s not just about the one hour you spend training, it’s what you do the other 23 hours a day.