Everything in Moderation, Including Moderation: Plus 5 Strategies to Kick-Start Fat Loss in 30 Days

As an advocate for moderation in nutrition and fitness I can accept that moderation doesn’t work for everyone all the time. It’s important to keep an open mind and adjust your lifestyle choices based on your results. If moderation isn’t working for you, what else can you try? I believe in everything in moderation, including moderation. Try my five strategies to kick-start fat loss over the next 30 days.

CBD Oil Made Me Feel Worse

I started taking CBD oil then hemp oil because I had heard many accounts of its anxiety and pain-reducing benefits. After a couple of months of increased anxiety I made the connection between the hemp oil pill and my depressed mood. When I stopped taking the hemp oil I felt an immediate improvement in my emotional well-being. My story is not typical, but I wanted to tell it to help others who may have had a similar experience.