Strength Training for Runners Program Introduction

Welcome to the latest edition of Workout Wednesday! I am really excited to introduce you to my new strength training for runners program* that encompasses both running and strength training.

Runners often want to start strength training to improve their performance but are not sure how to fit it all in. If you want to try a strength training program that compliments your running program and doesn't take up eight days a week, this is for you.

Many years ago, before I was a trainer, I went to see a trainer in the gym. I was a runner and I had heard that strength training would help my running, so I enlisted an expert to help me. Except he wasn't the expert I had in mind. When I told him that I ran, he shook his head in disapproval while mumbling something about bad knees. When I did a squat as part of my assessment he told me he could tell I had early arthritis of the knee (that was 10 years ago. I don't have any such thing). He called me 'sweetie' one too many times and I left the gym frustrated and annoyed. I was going to him for help, but couldn't give me the help I wanted. 

I want to be that help for you. I want to encourage you to run and I promise to never call you sweetie. I want to help you run better, faster, more efficiently and while reducing the chance of injury. Some experts will tell you running is bad for you. I say if it is done responsibly, with the proper volume and intensity for your skill level, then running is a great exercise for most healthy people. Some people just need a little help understanding what the proper volume (amount of time/days in a training period) and intensity (how fast/how hard) should be. One of the biggest mistakes that new runners make is doing too much too soon. 

Whether you are a new runner just starting out who wants to do it right the first time (what's that like? hah) or a more experienced runner who wants to improve efficency and speed by adding strength training, I am here to help. 

*Here's the thing, I haven't written the program out yet. It's all still in my head. The idea is to build a structured program that encompasses your regular running routine and includes strength training without taking up every second of your spare time. Sounds great, right? I need to go through the program myself before I share it with you. I would never give a workout to a client that I hadn't done myself. 

I may have mentioned that I still work full time at my marketing job. I also write this blog and another one called Running with Ollie. I am taking on nutrition and personal training clients and I teach a bootcamp in my spare time. Oh yeah, I am also a wife and a dog mom and I keep my house totally spotless (just kidding about that last one). I spend most of my weekends writing these blogs, walking my dog...and not cleaning my house.

I've wanted to write this program for a long time, but I don't have time. Or do I? I seriously considered taking a week off of work to write it, take picture, make graphics, calendars, etc., but I decided on another route. Since I write this blog each week anyway (aka most of my weekend devoted to it) I thought I would release the program in stages, for free, to my blog readers. I will write the program each week and you can follow along if you subscribe to this blog. Once it is complete I will put the whole thing together on a PDF and offer it for download, maybe for a small fee. Follow along to get the slow drip blog version for free.

(I'm following my own advice here. I want to do something big and it seems overwhelming, so I am breaking it down to smaller, easier, more manageable chunks of work in a way that feels comfortable to me, blogging. How can apply you this same principle to some big goal that you want to achieve?)

There will be three phases of the program, each lasting one month. We will start at the beginning to build a running and strength foundation. We'll talk about exactly what that entails. After the 12 weeks, you will be a stronger, faster, less-prone-to-injury runner. 

It will include running workouts, short and efficient strength training workouts complete with a flexible training calendar for you to follow. We'll talk about goals, recovery and nutrition along the way, all important parts of any program.

Are you in? Subscribe to this blog to get weekly updates on the progress on the program. Follow along as I write it, try it out and give me feedback as we go. Get in on a ground floor.


Here is a sneak peak at how the first week will look. Next week I will go into more detail on day one: easy run + strength training A. This will include what 'easy run' means and the specifics of the workout. I hope you'll follow along. 

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