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Most runners would like to get faster. If you are stalled in your running performance there are three important factors to consider if you want to slash time off your race pace. If you want to run faster, of course, you have to train to run faster. That includes doing intervals, hill repeats, mile repeats and tempo runs. This post is about the often overlooked actions need to slash time off your race pace.

How to slash time off your race pace. Save to your favorite Pinterest running board for later.

How to slash time off your race pace. Save to your favorite Pinterest running board for later.

  1. Consistency

    You can’t improve if you are not consistent with running. It’s essential that you establish a solid running base by running three to five miles, three to five times per week at conversational pace for several months. You will improve in running when you are consistent with it. Don’t worry about pace, interval training, mile repeats or hill repeats until you are running on a consistent basis for several months.

  2. Adequate Recovery

    Recovery includes the time you spend sleeping each night and the time it takes between hard workouts for your body to recover. Most of the body’s recovery processes happen during sleep, so if you’re skating by on five hours a night, you’re not optimizing your recovery.

    Allow yourself at least 48 hours between high intensity workouts (you may need more time if your body tells you so). The body adapts (gets stronger and faster) during the rest period after the workout, not during the workout itself. If you don’t allow your body to recover properly before another intense workout, you won’t be able to reach your full potential.

  3. Strength Training

    The strongest, fastest runners incorporate strength training into their training program. Strengthen the running muscles to perform better, strength the muscles you don’t use while running to stay balanced and to help avoid an injury. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym, just 20-30 minutes of strength training several times a week can be the difference between a new PR and an injury. Don’t look at strength training as something that takes you away from the pavement, but rather as a tool to improve your running performance.

I’ve built a new half marathon training plan that includes running workouts and strength training workouts for 12 weeks. It is all delivered online and I am available to answer questions and provide coaching support along the training cycle. The program progressively builds endurance and strength over 12 weeks to cross the half marathon finish line strong.

Here is an example of one of the strength workouts included in the program. It’s short, efficient and effective. Try it before your next run.

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