I am thrilled to announce that the contract is signed! I am officially an ambassador for the BMW Dallas Marathon from December 7th through the 9th! I’d love it if you joined me for an epic weekend of running, community and fun. Need a training plan, running advice, or social media hype? Just need someone to cheer you on? I’m your girl!

This post is sponsored by the Dallas Marathon. All opinions, training advice, and bad running jokes are my own.

5 reasons to run the BMW Dallas marathon events that have (almost) nothing to do with running. Save to your favorite running or racing Pinterest boards for later.

5 reasons to run the BMW Dallas marathon events that have (almost) nothing to do with running. Save to your favorite running or racing Pinterest boards for later.

The 2018 BMW Dallas Marathon weekend of events are from December 7th through the 9th. Whether you’re in for a family 5K with your kids or going all out in the ultramarathon, the Dallas marathon has an event for you. If you love running, you don’t need me to persuade you to sign up for another race.

I know what it’s like. The last time you crossed the finish line you swore it would be your last race ever, then a few hours later you whipped out the credit card to pay for the next one. I imagine it’s like what they say about childbirth; your brain forgets the intensity of labor because of the euphoria of having a newborn in your arms.

In this comparison the race is labor and crossing the finish line is the baby. What do I know, I never had any babies, but I know the thrill of crossing a hard-earned finish line.

People that don’t run don’t understand. There is a pull to the pavement. Once you go run-wacky, you never go backy. Tweet that.

This post isn’t to convince you why running the Dallas Marathon is awesome, I suspect if you are reading this, you already know that. This is the five reasons to run the Dallas Marathon events that have (almost) nothing to do with running.

Do it to become a stronger person.

If you ran the 10K last year, I challenge you to train for the half marathon. If you’re a half marathon junky like me, maybe it’s time to take the leap to the full. How scary does an ultramarathon sound? (note to self: freakin’ frightening)

Do you remember the first time you ran one mile without stopping? I do. It seemed impossible, but then you did it and proved to yourself that you could. Now, look how far you have come. Achieving hard things gives you confidence, and this newfound confidence helps you work towards new bigger goals. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. It pays dividends in all aspects of your life, not just in running.

Do it for charity.

Since naming a primary beneficiary in 1997, the Dallas Marathon has donated more than $3.9 million to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. Do it for the kids.

Do it to build community.

Running the Dallas Marathon is a great way to get involved in your community. Join us for the fun runs leading up to the main events. Get out from behind your computer and meet new people. Give a high-five in real life (IRL as the kids say) instead of a heart on Instagram. (Ok, you can do both.)

Runners are generally awesome humans, so they make outstanding friends. Besides, who else in your life will listen to your 26.2-mile turn-by-turn race recap? No one, that’s who.


Do it for the bling-bling.

Run the 5K or 10K on Saturday, Dec. 8th and get a finisher’s medallion! Run the half, full or ultramarathon race on Sunday, Dec. 9th and get another one, plus earn a bonus medallion for running the series. Three medals one weekend. BOOM. Have something impressive to share on #medalmonday. Wear it proudly to work on Monday. Your co-workers will tell you that you’re weird, but don’t listen, they’ll secretly be jealous of your athletic prowess.

Do it for the foot tour of Dallas.

The BMW Dallas Marathon is a foot tour of Dallas neighborhoods old and new. It gives you a new perspective to run the streets you’ve only previously driven. If you’re a DFW resident, see your city in a whole new light, if you’re visiting from out of town, it’s a great way to explore what Dallas has to offer. Brush up on Dallas history and be your own tour guide, just leave the megaphone at home.

Are you ready to run? Sign up for the BMW Dallas Marathon weekend of events. Need help with training? The best time to start training was yesterday. Stay tuned for my eight week half marathon training plan. Let’s go, friends! I’ll see you there.


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