Dear Me in 2018: A New Year Resolution Poem

Happy New Year, friends! This is my last blog post of 2017. I can hardly believe we are closing out another year. 2017 was a great year and I am looking forward to new opportunities and possibilities in 2018! I made some changes in my career in 2018 in order to have more time to focus on writing, training and coaching. In 2018 I resolve to put more energy and time into the things I value most.

Change can be scary, but I am taking a leap of faith and I'll just have to wait and see how it all shakes out. It feels both terrifying and exciting all at once. I'll just keep following my heart and moving forward one small step at a time (just like I advise my nutrition clients to do). 

I wrote this poem a few years ago and it seems to ring true every year. I repurposed it for 2018 to share it with you as we begin to think ahead to what we want to accomplish in the new year.

If you like my #badpoetry check out 'Twas the Night Before a Big Race, my Christmas inspired poem from runners. If not, don't worry, there are no more poems scheduled in the near future. hah.

Dear Me in 2018: A New Year Resolution poem. Save to Pinterest for later!

Dear Me in 2018: A New Year Resolution poem. Save to Pinterest for later!

I wish you all the best in the year to come. Have you started thinking about your New Year Resolutions yet? I suggest you first take the time to reflect back on 2017, then think in terms of goal setting instead of resolutions. Need help? That's what I am here for!

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