It's tax refund season and since my husband owns his own business we never get a refund. Even though this post is called 10 fitness finds to blow your tax refund, it is really just a combination of a thinly veiled wish list and fitness goodies I already own and love. Since I am likely not getting a tax refund, I thought I would live vicariously through you. What would you buy if you had some extra cash in your pocket to spend on fitness? 

This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on a link in this post and make a purchase I make a very small percentage of the sale at no additional cost to  you. No one is getting rich here, it just helps with the running (pun intended) of this blog. 

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I love my BOSU Ball. Mine is blue. But Pink. I want Pink. BOSU stands for BOth Sides Up. Core stability and core strength and are both very important for runners. A strong core helps us stabilize and maintain proper form and can help avoid injury. A BOSU ball provides an unstable surface to challenge your core in new ways. Can you do stabilization exercises without a BOSU ball? Sure, but the BOSU can help us progress to the next level. And pink. We are blowing our tax refund, remember? 



If you splurge on suspension straps like TRX, it may be all you need for your home gym. With suspension straps you can get a challenging full body workout in all planes of motion using your own body weight. Great for runners and anyone looking for build body strength. We have suspension straps in the #shredshed and it is easily my favorite piece of equipment. If you're blowing your tax refund then this may be the way to go. 


If you love to nerd-out on technology, a new GPS watch is a no-brainer when it comes to blowing your tax refund. They can be pricey, but how else are you going to know exactly how miles you ran, how fast, how far and your heart rate just by looking at your wrist. It's what tax refunds were made for. 


You know how they say that sitting is the new smoking? Maybe the balance ball chair is the new vaping. It's still sitting, but a little better, right? I really just want to see my co-worker's faces when I bring this to the office. Tax refund well-spent. *Still get up every 30-60 minutes and take a 3-5 minute walk if you sit all day for work. 


Not that I need an excuse to buy new workout clothes, but since I am pretending to have all this extra tax refund cash laying around. Why not? The brighter, the better. I have a Lorna Jane, Lululemon and Athleta addiction. Try telling my tax accountant that this is all a business expense. 


I don't care what kind of running shoes you buy, to each his own (as long as they are running-specific and fit properly). The point is that I can't think of a better reason to buy new running shoes than tax refund season. 


This Apera duffel is my all-time favorite bag. It's so roomy that is great for the gym, but it is fantastic for traveling. Plus I like to laugh at hubs when I make him carry my pink bag through the airport. Real men wear pink. Money well spent.


You need this just to make sure you don't take yourself too seriously at your next Yoga class. *for best results don't eat pizza after every Yoga class. If Yoga is not your thing, but you love pizza, you could always get the water bottle, tank or gym bag.


I love mixing all the fruits, veggies and protein powder for quick, healthy meals on the go. You could also use it to make a peanut butter and Oreo milkshake (but you wouldn't read about that on a health and fitness blog, would you?). Hey, it's your tax refund. I can't tell you what to do with it. Unless I am your trainer, in that case, you're in trouble. Hah. 


These Bluetooth headphones are great. They wirelessly attach to my TomTom for music on my runs. Word of warning: They only work at races if you remember to take them with you. D'uh! If you have a better memory than me that these would be a great investment for your tax refund. 

That was fun! I hope you got some fresh ideas on how to spend your tax refund. If you're like me and probably won't get a refund this year, it's never too early to start building that Christmas list. 

Am I missing anything? What is on your fitness wish list?

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