Fun Fitness Quiz to Test Your Knowledge

Happy Friday, Friends! This past Wednesday I set up a booth at a local event to promote my personal training and run coaching services. I always try to make it fun and engaging for the participants, even if they are not yet interested becoming clients. It's fun to meet people and make connections. 

For the event I printed out the Wednesday's holiday hustle workout so they could try it at home. I also created 12 fitness multiple choice questions and people rolled the dice and were asked the corresponding question to the number they rolled. If they got it right (and sometimes even if they got it wrong, because I'm nice) they won a small prize. Who doesn't like prizes? 

It was really fun and I thought the quiz could be a unique way for you to interact with this blog. Take the quiz and see how you do! No pressure, just for fun, you don't need to leave your email or anything to get your results. If you don't like my questions or the answers, please don't send me angry emails if you get one wrong. Deal? Hah. Have questions? I'd love to help. 

How did you do? I hope you had a great week and are gearing up for a relaxing weekend. Are you running this weekend? Hitting the gym? Taking a couple of rest days? I am training for the Fort Worth Cowtown half marathon so I have a long run on the books. 

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