I don't mean to freak you out or anything but there are only 45 days left until Christmas! Where the heck did this year go? It was January, I blinked and now we are 45 days away from Christmas! It's time to start making our lists and checking them twice. 

If you love a runner or if you are a runner, I put together a list of holiday gift items that any runner will love. This also may be a thinly veiled personal wish list (hint hint friends and family).

This post contains affiliate links. That means if you click on a link in this post and make a purchase, I make a small percentage of the sale with no additional cost to you. No one is getting rich here, it just helps with the running (pun intended) of this blog. Thanks, as always, for your support. 

10 Gift Ideas Every Runner Will Love. Save to Pinterest

10 Gift Ideas Every Runner Will Love. Save to Pinterest


Runners need a place to stash their keys, ID and phone (and food) when out for a run. A FlipBelt is a sleek alternative to a fanny pack. It's big enough to hold an iPhone, it doesn't bounce when you run and all your belongings are safely zipped away. If you don't buy this for your favorite runner and they lose their keys on a run, it's kinda your fault. Live with that guilt.


Some runners wear compression socks for recovery after a long and tough race and some runners wear them as a fashion statement. If you're thinking that you're pretty sure the runners you know already have a pair of compression socks, let me assure you that a runner can never have too many pairs. Choose wild colors for best results. Works well as a lucky charm. You can take credit for their next personal record.



Funny running shirts always go over well with runners. I chose these two since I have another blog about running with my dog. Insert funny running saying on a shirt for a gift that any runner will love.



It's the gift that keeps on giving. Give a daily running calendar to keep your runner motivated all year long. 


This is literally the best invention ever. We runners don't let pesky things like cold and wind keep us from running. This headband will help your favorite pony-tailed runner brave the cold weather to keep running towards their goals. 


Wine and running seem to go hand in hand. Your favorite runner will love this wine glass to help them drink in moderation. Hah. 


The only thing a runner loves more than running is talking about running. Let them display their race accomplishments with pride. Then every time you visit they can recount all their race stories mile by mile. Sounds like fun, right? 


If perhaps you have grown tired of hearing your favorite runner talk about running all the time, buy them this training journal so they can write down all their training runs, races, goals and achievements so you don't have to hear about it.


Any runner would love these JayBird wireless earbuds so they can jam to their favorite running playlist to drown out the chatter of life and maybe their running partner. 


The ultimate running gift is a GPS watch so your favorite runner can track every step, mile & pace improvement. They can save their music right to the watch and sync those new wireless headphones for a great running experience. You will win Christmas with this gift. 

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What's on your Christmas wish list? Did I give you any ideas? Did I miss anything awesome. Are you taking notes? Someone print this for my husband. 

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