Holiday Challenge Week Seven: Choose Your Own Habit

Welcome to week seven of the nine-week holiday challenge. Have you been following along? If you’ve been working on these habits for the last six weeks, you’re likely eating less sugar, eating more lean protein, moving more intentionally, you’re drinking more water, have improved sleep habits, and you’re eating more vegetables! On their own, these habits may not seem like much, but all together they are a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

If you have big goals for the new year, you’re more likely to achieve whatever you desire when you’re starting from a place of health. When you’re healthy you can achieve more because you’ll feel better, think clearer and sleep more soundly.

9-week holiday challenge. save to your favorite Pinterest board for later.

9-week holiday challenge. save to your favorite Pinterest board for later.

This week for the challenge I’d like you to choose your own habit. While there are universal healthy habits are beneficial for most people, we are also all individuals with unique goals and dreams. Your more likely to stick with a new habit when it has meaning to you.

The lesson in this nine-week challenge is that small changes can lead to significant results. It’s consistent behaviors over time that lead to real and lasting change.

This week I want you to think about what changes you want to make in your life and build a weekly habit around your personal goals. It should be a habit that takes 15 minutes or less per day that you feel confident you can execute. Remember there are no extreme behaviors, restrictive diets or over-exercising permitted in this challenge. Our focus is on sane and sustainable practices, and that includes the habit you choose for yourself this week.

Choose a habit based on your goals

Think about something you want to achieve, then the action you can take daily. The end goal can be something small or big, but the daily activity must be small and achievable.

Goal: Write a book or start a blog
Daily Habit: spend 15 minutes everyday writing.

Goal: Start a side hustle
Daily Habit: spend 15 minutes per day working on your product.

Goal: Lose ten pounds
Daily habit: track your calories for a week to have a better understanding of what you’re consuming.

Goal: Relax and unwind in a healthier way
Daily habit: read for 15 minutes every night before bed.

Goal: Not to get a lecture from the dentist (and keep all your teeth)
Daily habit: floss

The possibilities are endless. Choose any healthy habit that has meaning for you. What will make you feel good every day? What is important to you? What is a practice that you can start small now and build on down the road?

More ideas for daily healthy habits

Run for five to fifteen minutes a day
Walk for five to fifteen minutes a day
Do bodyweight strength training exercises for five to fifteen minutes a day
Alternate between the run, walk, and strength training habits each day
Spend five minutes writing down what you're thankful for each day
Spend five minutes a day connecting with a friend in real life or on the phone; Choose a new person each day.
Five-minute meditation or prayer practice
Five minutes of stretching or foam rolling
Five minutes of journaling
Five to fifteen minutes a day to study something you want to learn about

It’s consistent behavior over the long term that leads to sustainable changes. Small changes over time snowball into significant results. Start small.

Choose a habit that has meaning for you. Use one of my suggestions or come up with your own. Don’t get caught up in choosing “the perfect” habit. It’s less about the actual action and more about your commitment to a healthy daily action.

I’d love to hear about what habit you chose for this week. After this week there are only two weeks left of the challenge! Stay tuned!

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