7 Steps for You to Achieve Resiliency, Happiness and Peak Performance

I've been sharing a lot of my experiences from the IDEA World Fitness Convention and BlogFest. When I attend these conventions, I give myself two goals: 

1. Take one action step from each presentation. It's too easy to participate in a dozen seminars over the week, take many notes then allow those pages to collect dust when it's over. To get the most of the presentations, but to avoid overwhelm, at the end of each seminar, I chose one action step I can take with the information I learned. There are hundreds of possible actions; I only have to decide on one per session and carry it out. After four days of meetings, with one goal per session, that list is long enough. 

2. My second goal was to walk away with as many blog posts ideas as possible, I gave myself a target of 100, but I didn't get anywhere near that many. How can I take what I learned and apply it in my blog to add value to your life? How can you benefit from my attendance at the fitness convention? 

I attended a presentation that Saturday called seven steps to Peak Performance from Peter Twist. I wish you could have heard him speak; he has this laid-back surfer-dude kind of vibe with a Canadian accent. He has an inspiring story about overcoming Cancer and teaches a valuable lesson about mindset and resiliency. These are Peter Twist's seven steps to peak performance from the presentation, I explain them in my own words.

7 steps to achieve resiliency, happiness and peak performance. Save to your favorite Pinterest board for later.

7 steps to achieve resiliency, happiness and peak performance. Save to your favorite Pinterest board for later.


No matter what your goals are, health and nutrition is the first step to achieving them. If you start from a place of health, you'll be better equipped to chase big dreams. Be sure you have adequate sleep, sunlight and whole-food nutrition in your life as a starting point for success. If you're living off of processed foods, poor sleep patterns, and fluorescent lights, you won't have the clear head and energy to tackle challenging pursuits.


Similarly to health and nutrition, physicality and function are important. It doesn't mean extreme exercise like competing in the CrossFit games or running a marathon. While challenging yourself is a worthwhile pursuit, extreme exercising can often be the opposite of health and longevity. I am not suggesting you shouldn't do it, just that you don't need to go to the extremes for health benefits. It means moving your body on a regular basis in a way that feels right for you. Take care of yourself with whatever your abilities are today. 


Leadership starts with you. When you have the discipline and leadership to guide your own life, you are better equipped to help others. A leader of one is a leader of many. You must be selfish and take care of yourself first, to be generous to others. 


Positive self-talk isn't looking in the mirror like Stewart Smalley and repeating "I am good enough, I am smart enough and dog gonnit, people like me." It's being present in life, appreciating what you already have, and looking at your problems as an opportunity to learn and grow.


To achieve, you first have to believe it is possible. Expectations drive actions, so if you start from a place of disbelief, it will be difficult to take the actions that are necessary to achieve your goals and could lead to self-sabotage.


Learn to step outside yourself and view the situations in your life from another perspective. Have the vision to see a positive outcome in the future. The time is always now. Do what you can with what you have with how things are today. Don't wait for the perfect circumstances to get started, start chipping away at your goals today with what you have, show up. 


I only recently, in the last four years, started chasing my passion and purpose, and it requires a lot of patience and presentness, but I can feel deep inside that I am on the right path. You don't necessarily have to chase passion as your career, but how can you chase your passion and purpose in a way that brings meaning into your life? Align what you do with who you are. 

Thanks to Peter Swift for the empowering presentation. I am grateful I had the opportunity to hear him speak in person and pass on his meaningful lessons to you. I follow his Facebook page for daily doses of inspiration. 

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