If you're anything like me, you may have some time in your day that could be better optimized. I commute 45 minutes each way to work (ugh, I know!) and I spend the better part of a day in a cubicle. How do I make the most of otherwise uninspiring time? Podcasts!

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In fact, I went from barely knowing what a podcast was in the beginning of this year to becoming a heavy listener. It's a great way to take in information, get entertained and inspired all while you're doing other things in life. Podcasts are great because unlike a book, you can listen while you move! Podcasts make a great backdrop for workouts, walks, cleaning and commuting.

Turn off the radio, put your music playlist on hold and prepare to be entertained and educated! I like to listen to health and fitness related podcasts, but of course, if you search the directory, you can find people talking on almost any subject. My interests are fitness, fitness business, entrepreneurs and self-improvement. Let me introduce you to my top five fitness and personal growth podcast recommendations.


5. Lift Heavy Run Long

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Have you noticed that it seems that people who run and people who lift weights tend to be in separate camps? It doesn't have to be that way! We can lift heavy, run long and all get along. Just ask the folks on the Lift Heavy, Run Long Podcast! They are good 'ol southern boys (and gal) hitting up their local CrossFit and ultra endurance trail races in their free time. They are funny, down-to-earth and engaging while interviewing inspiring everyday people doing the same. They prove that you don't have to choose between running and lifting weights, you can have the best of both worlds. Listen in on their latest endeavours to get inspired in your own journey.

4. The Strength Running PodCast

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The host of the Strength Running Podcast, Jason Fitzgerald, is a man after my own heart. He is a running coach that promotes strength training for endurance athletes (sound familiar?). He interviews everyone from the biggest names in the running community to his own coaching clients. He offers great running advice, insight and stories. Each episode proves to be entertaining and educational. If you want to be a better, stronger, faster runner, this podcast is a great source of information. 

3. Resist Average Academy


The Resist Average Academy podcast can be a little rough around the edges at times, but it is one of the most inspiring podcasts in my iTunes feed. Tommy Baker goes a layer deeper with his guests, often exploring the spiritual as well as the physical, giving us inspiration for a better life and most importantly, action steps to make it happen. If you strive for a life that is well above average, this podcast is a great place to start.

2. The Jordan Harbinger Show

One of the longest-running podcasts out there, the Art of Charm podcast started over 10 years ago with host Jordan Harbinger (and even longer ago as a guide on how to pick up chicks or something like that-ugh). Oh, how they have evolved. These days Jordan Harbinger separated from the Art of Charm and has his own show, the Jordan Harbinger show. He interviews brilliant minds in nearly every industry on how to be more successful, how to build better relationships, how to have stronger networking and critical thinking skills. It's always entertaining and educational with major takeaways in each episode.

1. Mind Pump - Raw Fitness Truth

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Although this is my hands-down favorite podcast I hesitate to recommend it to my friends and family....because you just never know what the guys at Mind Pump will say. When they say raw fitness truth, they aren't kidding. At first I felt like I was eavesdropping in on bro-talk at the gym, they seemed like muscle-bound meatheads. Guys being guys. What gross things do men say when women aren't around? Yeah, so if you are easily offended by strong language or bro-talk, this may not be the podcast for you. How's that for a glowing recommendation? 

However, if you are entertained by the humor (or at least can get past it), stick around awhile and you'll quickly figure out that these guys are giving some of the best health and fitness advice out there. They have decades of experience as personal trainers, gym managers and owners and have worked with all types of people from the elderly and soccer moms to the fitness models and stage competitors. I appreciate their vast knowledge on the science of training and nutrition. They are fitness agnostic, which means they don't subscribe to any one workout style or nutrition strategy. Instead of pushing the latest fads and supplements, they look at them objectively and teach us how to recognize the best parts of everything and throw out the garbage. They publish a podcast five days a week, so there is no shortage of outstanding brutally-honest science-based information. They tell the truth about things that other marketers dance around. They are a breath of fresh air in this industry, even with all those F-bombs.  

While these are my top five podcasts picks, some of my other favorites that you might enjoy are: The Side Hustle Show, The FitCast, Don't Keep Your Day Job & Grammar Girl.

Do you listen to any of these podcasts? Now that you know what I like, do you have any recommendations for me? Give a listen and let me know what you think.

Coach Lea

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