Hire a personal trainer, running coach and nutrition coach in one. If you're a runner with performance goals, I'm your coach. I help runners get stronger and faster with my strength training for runners program. I build custom resistance training plans based on your fitness abilities, lifestyle and goals. It's a fact that runners who strength train are leaner, fitter, faster and less prone to injury.

A long time ago, after I had been running for a few years, I got wind that strength training was beneficial for runners, but I didn't know where to start. So I did what most people would do, I hired a personal trainer. But that turned out to be a mistake. That trainer didn't understand my passion for running. He told me running was bad for my knees. He encouraged me not to run at all. This clearly was not the trainer for me. I wanted to be a stronger runner, I didn't want to give up running to spend all day in the gym.

I am the personal trainer for runners. You don't have to hire a separate running coach and personal trainer. I help runners with running-specific strength training and running plans to reach all their running goals.


Don't hire a personal trainer. Say What? Hire a change facilitator. A personal trainer can show you exercises, but if you are not fueling properly you won't see the results you want. A nutrition coach can advise you on what foods are best for you to eat to meet your specific goals, but if your training is sporadic, then you won't perform your best. A running coach can write you a training schedule to meet your running goals, but if your lifestyle factors aren't in check (sleep, stress, recovery, nutrition) you won't continue to improve. 

I am Lea and I am your change facilitator. I am your personal trainer, running coach and nutrition coach in one. I don't just assign exercises or recommend nutrition, I'll work with you on your lifestyle, goals and preferences (yes, preferences are important!) to come up with the strategies to help you meet your specific goals. 

You don't train in a bubble. Your lifestyle affects your results. How's your stress? How many hours of sleep do you get a night? Are you getting adequate nutrition and taking in needed macro and micronutrients? It all matters when it comes to athletic performance and fat loss. 

Ready for change? I help runners utilize strength training, nutrition and lifestyle improvements to meet all their running and fat loss goals. It doesn't happen overnight, but with proper programing, guidance and accountability, we can do it together. 



The Warm up.

You wouldn’t start an exercise session without a warm up, would you? So why would you hire a trainer without warming up to them first? Let's chat about your unique goals and how we can work together to accomplish them. 

The Starting Line 

Train with me once per week in Fort Worth, TX to achieve your running goals with no month to month contract.

The Starting Line package includes:
4 in-person strength training for runners sessions in the Shred Shed with me each month (1x per week) with workouts to take home for the week. Limited availability. Contact me for current openings.
A running plan for you to follow at home based on your goals
Nutrition habits and support
Food diary assessment
Phone, email and text accountability and support
$45 for 45 minute session

Spots are extremely limited. Apply for a spot below.

Want to see me more than once a week? Contact me for pricing. 

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The Shred Shed Fort Worth

The Shred Shed Fort Worth

Availability is extremely limited. If I do not have an opening that works for you, you can ask to be placed on the waiting list and I will contact you once a spot opens.

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