Run Faster 5K Rock 'n' Roll Spotify Playlist

Three of my passions in life are fitness, writing and rock 'n' roll, so I am always thrilled to combine all three and write about my favorite running rock 'n' roll playlists.

A good playlist can get me through the toughest of races. There is something about the joy that I feel from listening to the music I love combined with the beat of the music that gets me moving. 

I love this run Faster 5K playlist because it is chalk full of fast-paced songs to get my legs moving a across the finish line a little faster. 

Some of these songs are old, some are new and some you may have not heard before. Check out my playlist and let me know what you think. Will you add any of these songs to your playlist? Do you have any recommendations for songs that I should add to my playlist?