Treat Yourself: Healthy New Year Gifts That Santa Forgot

We made it to the new year! If you’re anything like me, you’re probably still adjusting back into real life while dusting off a trail of cookie crumbs, Christmas tree needles, and wrapping paper behind you.

If Santa ignored all those holiday gift guides you sent him, and your healthy wishlist remains unfulfilled, I have some ideas for some self-care gifts to treat yourself, and to help you transition into a healthy new year.

treat yourself gifts santa forgot.png

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If drinking more water and not taking yourself too seriously are your New Year’s Resolutions, you can kill two birds with one stone.

What gets measured gets managed. Yes, we all have the apps, but there is something refreshing about recording your progress with a pen and paper. Achieve all those New Year’s fit resolutions with a health-focused planner.

What you eat is as important as how you train. If you want to eat healthier and fuel your runs properly in the new year, this Runner’s World cookbook has got you covered.

If you need a boost of daily motivation to kick off the new year, try this run calendar to inspire you all year long.

If your new year’s resolution is to read more books, Atomic Habits will help you build sustainable, healthy habits in the new year. I’m reading this now and loving it! Kick those bad habits and build new habits to achieve all your goals in life.

If you are striving for moderation in the new year, this wine glass will help you balance running and wine.

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