A New Year's-Themed Workout For All Fitness Levels

Happy New Year, friends! Welcome to the first edition of ‘Workout Wednesday’ of the year, when each week I share a new running or strength training for runners workout.

Since it’s the new year and we may have some newbies (Hi! Welcome) I structured this holiday-themed workout in a way that would be achievable for beginners and challenging enough for experienced exercisers alike. While the exercise selection is the same for everyone, I have three versions of the New Year’s workout depending on your experience level. Choose the one that is most achievable for you.

Start your new year off with a bang!

Beginner’s New Year’s Workout

Beginners will perform the reps of each exercise, according to the month of the year. For example, you’ll complete one jump squat, two forward lunges (each leg), three mountain climbers (each side), etc. until you do all twelve exercises. If you haven’t exercised in a while, this will be more than enough to get started. Always listen to your body and work at your level. If jumping exercises are too intense, scale the exercise to a non-jumping version; For example, a squat instead of a jump squat.

Intermediate New Year’s Workout

Intermediate exercisers will perform the same exercises, but for 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest for each exercise. This high-intensity workout will take 12 minutes to complete. Challenge yourself to complete it twice.

Advanced New Year’s Workout

For advanced exercisers, we will perform the same exercises, but you’ll build upon each one as you work through the months of the year.

Start by performing one jump squat.

Then perform one jump squat and two forward lunges.

Then perform one jump squat, two forward lunges, and three mountain climbers.

Then perform one jump squat, two forward lunges, three mountain climbers, and four alternating side lunges.

Continue this progression until you complete all 12 exercises.

A new Year’s-themed workout for all fitness levels. Pin to your favorite workout board for later.

A new Year’s-themed workout for all fitness levels. Pin to your favorite workout board for later.


1 January Jump Squats
2 February Forward Lunge
3 March Mountain Climbers
4 April Alternating Side Lunges
5 May Marching Bridge
6 June Jump Lunges
7 July Jumping Jacks
8 August Alternating Side Planks
9 September Supermans
10 October Overhead Shoulder Press
11. November Narrow Push-ups
12. December Dumbbell Deadlifts

This is a high-intensity workout. Most athletes will thrive on just one or two high intensity workouts a week. Allow a rest day or a lower intensity exercise day following this workout. We get stronger and faster during the rest period after the workout, not during the workout itself. If you don’t allow your body the recovery times it needs to rebuild, you won’t see the full benefit of your hard work!

Happy New Year friends!

Coach Lea