Medicine Ball Leg + Core Workout

Welcome to the latest edition of Workout Wednesday, when each week I share a running workout or a strength workout that is designed specifically to help build runner-specific strength. The types of workouts that are most beneficial to runners have lateral moves to build hip strength, core strength moves and unilateral moves (one side at a time). This workout has it all and can be done in five to twenty minutes. 

You can run through this workout one time before your next easy run as part of your warm up or complete the circuit three to four times with a one minute rest between circuits as a leg and core workout two times per week in addition to your regular runs. 

In the  #shredshed

In the #shredshed

You don't have to devote hours in the gym to reap the benefits of runner-specific strength workouts. Squeeze in five to twenty minutes whenever you can, keep progressing the exercises as you get stronger (heavier weights, less rest, longer intervals, advanced moves) and you will see the positive results in your running performance. Be consistent with strength workouts for best results.

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I am using a 8lb medicine ball in my workout. You could do the workout without a medicine ball at all or use a heavier one as you progress. You will also need an interval timer or download a free timer from the app store. 


Download a printable version of this leg + core medicine ball workout or save to Pinterest for later.

Download a printable version of this leg + core medicine ball workout or save to Pinterest for later.

Move through each exercise quickly while maintaining proper form, form is always more important than speed. When you complete the circuit, repeat two or three more times, resting for one minute between circuits. 

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