Hi, Friends. It is Super Bowl season again but my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers aren't going to the big game this year. I was never a huge football fan growing up, but ever since I left my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA (20 years ago) I've grown to love watching my Steelers. It's my connection to home.

In our house, we joke that we cheer for the Steelers and whoever is playing the Dallas Cowboys. (Sorry Cowboys fans, you had a great season.) I drive my husband crazy asking "what just happened?" and needing him to explain the rules for the millionth time, but I like to watch the games, especially when my team is doing well. When they're not doing well it stresses me out a little. Sometimes I need to walk out of the house during the game because the tension gets too much for me. I don't handle stress well. hah. 

Even though the games I care about can stress me out, I like the sounds of football as background noise. Hearing the announcer's voices and the cheers from the crowds is soothing and relaxing to me, no matter what game is on. I think it is because growing up in Pittsburgh all family gatherings and holidays had a backdrop of football and even though I didn't like to watch football back then, I think I associate the sounds on the TV with the good 'ol days. I guess that's what happens when you grow up in a football town. You get sentimental for football.

I put together a BIG GAME workout that you can do during the Super Bowl. It's a fun way to get active and engaged in the game so you're not just sitting on your butt for three hours. Just be careful not to spill your beer. Just kidding. See if you can get your game watching buddies in on the fun. 



Any time a team gets a first down then you perform 10 squats


One pushup for every penalty yard. 5 yard penalty = 5 pushups


Field goal is worth three points, so let's do three lunges on each leg for every field goal


If there is an interception, pull up a dining room chair (or edge of the couch) and perform 15 chair dips OR as an alternative perform the player's jersey number of jumping jacks. Example: Antonio Brown intercepts the ball, you do 84 jumping jacks. 


Touchdown is 6 points, so we will do 6 burpees for every touchdown


One minute plank if they kick the extra point or two minutes of jumping jacks if going for two

Let me know how it goes! Who are you rooting for?

Have fun, friends!

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