Running A-to-Z: Y is for Yoga for Runners

Hi, friends! Welcome to another edition of Running A-to-Z where I cover a running-related topic following the order of the alphabet. If you missed any past posts you can catch up on letters A-X in the archives

This week, as we round out this series, we are on letter Y: Yoga for Runners. Yoga is a great addition to any runner's well-rounded training plan. There are many benefits to Yoga including improved flexibility, balance and strength. Not to mention that a regular Yoga practice can aid in injury prevention for runners. 

I am a personal trainer and a running coach but I am not a Yoga instructor. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel in an area that is not my expertise, I thought I would share the best Yoga for runner resources from qualified Yoga instructors. 



One of my favorite Yoga for runners routine is this 20 minutes sequence from Ekhart Yoga. Hubby and I often do this one out in the #shredshed after a run or on rest days. I love that it is quick and effective. You don't necessary have to rehaul your whole fitness program to fit in Yoga, just find 20 minutes a 2-3 times a week. 

My other go to YouTube Yoga is this beginner's Yoga for Runners. It is targeted at beginners but it's challenging enough to leave me sweating after the 37 minute routine. 


A great resource for Yoga for runners is from Dr. Beth Brombosz! She is an author, yoga teacher, and running coach from Sublimely Fit. My original intention was to share one post but Beth had so many great articles on different poses, the benefits and the potential mistakes, I decide to share her whole Yoga for runners archive. It is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to learn more about Yoga for runners. 

Beth from Sublimely Fit.

Beth from Sublimely Fit.

Another Yogi blogger sharing her wealth of knowledge is Christine from Love Life Surf. Christine is a certified Yoga instructor and an avid runner. She has a whole series on Yoga for runners that I highly recommend. 


In this post Sarah from The Fit Cookie, a personal trainer. Yoga instructor and runner shares her top four Yoga poses for runners. This is great if you just want to add a few poses to the end of your run.

Do you practice Yoga? I've never been a skilled or graceful Yogi but I definitely reap the benefits of Yoga for runners. 

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Coach Lea

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