5 Holiday-themed Workouts To Motivate You Through December

We’re in the home stretch of the year. While I think workouts should generally be structured, and progressive, there’s always room to have some fun; we don’t have to be so serious and rigid all the time. I pulled together some of my favorite holiday-themed workouts from the last couple of years to keep you motivated to move this holiday season. Recruit a friend or family member to double the fun.

The Turkey Burner Running Workout

Thanksgiving may be behind us, but this fun interval workout will keep you motivated all season long. There’s always room for turkey.

The Great Pumpkin Workout for Runners

Before you bake that pumpkin pie for Christmas, try this workout using a pumpkin in place of a medicine ball.

The Holiday Hustle

Out of time? No Equipment? No problem. When you want to get in a quick, yet effective at-home workout, try this no-equipment circuit and get on with your day.

Drop the (Medicine) Ball

When you start to think about counting down to the new year, count down the reps with this medicine ball workout.

12 Days of Christmas Carol workout

“On the twelfth day of Christmas, my trainer sent to me…” Try this fun take on the classic Christmas carol.

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