20 Minutes a Day Workout Schedule

For workout Wednesday, this week I thought I would share what my workouts look like in a week. You may be surprised to learn that I don't spend hours in gym or obsess over my workouts. I want to stay healthy and fit, I enjoy running and sometimes I am training for a race.

I do the workouts that support my lifestyle, preferences and goals. I want to avoid injury, keep improving and stay healthy. For me sometimes that just looks like 20 minutes a day (excluding an endurance run if I am training for a race, which of course, is longer than 20 minutes). I don't kill myself in the gym. I try to stay active and healthy. 

I am a fan of the 20 second work/10 second rest then repeat for four minutes protocol. I group two exercises together and alternate between them for four minutes. I'll do five of these mini circuits for a total of 20 minutes. I often switch up the exercises depending on how I am progressing, my goals and just to keep things interesting. This is just an example. Any good program will vary, progress and grow as you do. 

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