Welcome to the latest edition of Workout Wednesday! This week we are doing a 20 minute Tabata-style strength and cardio workout! I love the Tabata protocol, which is 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest for four minutes, because you can always knock out a high intensity 4 minute workout for when you're busy or you combine several Tabatas together for a longer workout. 

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This week we are combining a strength move and a cardio move for each four minute circuit. 

20 seconds strength move
10 seconds rest
20 seconds cardio move
10 seconds rest

Repeat for four minutes. Then rest for one minute before moving to the next circuit.

You can download a free Tabata timer app on your phone. I use a GymBoss timer because you manipulate the intervals and rest periods. 

Always spend 5-15 minutes warming up before an intense exercise session. Remember you get out of it what you get into it. Work hard and move quickly, while maintaining proper form, for the best results. Your heart should be pumping! 

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Coach Lea

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