Welcome to the latest edition of Workout Wednesday! This week were are working on leg strength and endurance. This workout is called 5 x 5 x 5 because it is 5 exercises, 5 reps (each round) and 5 rounds. You will have completed 25 reps of each exercise and a 2.5 mile run by the time you finish. This type of workout is a great way to combine your strength & running workouts into one efficient session.

I encourage you to set a timer and make a note of how long it takes you to finish all five rounds. This will be your benchmark for future sessions. When you do the workout later, you can see how much you have improved. While I encourage you to do it for time, I need to remind you that form is always more important than speed, especially as you get into the later rounds and start to feel fatigued. Do the exercises as slowly as you need to in order to execute perfect form. Fast but sloppy exercises won't bring you any closer to your goals and could even cause injury. Be safe, friends!

Grab a stopwatch and let's give this one a try.




Push your hips back and lower until your thighs are parallel to the floor, like you are sitting back in a chair, or as low as your flexibility allows. Shift your weight onto your heels. In the low position, engage your core, squeeze your glutes and push back up to standing. 


With your feet hip width apart and your toes pointed straight ahead, engage your core and keep your back straight. Take one large step with your right leg to lunge forward until your front knee is lined up over your ankle and your back knee is nearly touching the floor. Do not allow your knee to move forward over your toes. Resist the urge to lean forward or rest your arms on your thighs. Once you are in the lunge position push back up to starting position. Repeat on other side.


With both toes pointing forward, push your hips back and take a large step to your right and bend your right knee into a side lunge position and straighten your left leg. Do not allow your knees to move forward past your toes. Lower your hips as low as your flexibility will allow. Push back to starting position and repeat on the other side.


Stand with your feet hip width apart. Cross your right leg behind the body and to the left. Bend left knee 90 degrees, or as low your flexibility will allow, toes pointing forward, then return to starting position. Repeat on other side.


You can do the .5 mile run on a treadmill (like I do in the #shredshed), at the track (like we might do at boot camp) or on the street. If you decide to run on the streets you can measure the distance using a running app or in your car. The pace of your .5 mile run should be comfortably hard, this means you should be pushing your pace slightly outside your comfort zone (not a leisurely jog) but also not going all-out 100%. 

How was your time? People often judge their fitness success by things like numbers on the scale, but that is just one small piece of the puzzle. I like to look at fitness in terms of fitness progression. Are you better than you were last week? Last month? Last year? Compare yourself to yourself (not to others and not to some arbitrary number on the scale). Do this workout this week and then again next month to track your fitness progress. 

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Coach Lea

I am a NASM personal trainer and RRCA adult distance running coach that specializes in strength training for runners. I offer in-person training in the Shredshed, online training and Fit to Run bootcamps. If you are interested in a more in-depth running or strength training plan, please contact me. Have questions? I'd love to help. 

While I am a certified personal trainer, I am not your personal trainer. Since I don't know your exercise abilities, injury background or medical history, please see your doctor before beginning any new exercise program. This is an opinion blog. No information in this blog is intended to be taken as medical advice or prescription. Please see your doctor and/or registered dietitian for any health concerns.