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Welcome to Lea's Beans: A personal blog. This will be a regular monthly column on this blog where I share a little more about the happenings in my personal life and experiences.

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When I was growing up my Dad used to tease my sister Jill by calling her Jilly-Bean from Abilene. As a joke, he would call me Lea-Bean from Texas. Being so young from Pennsylvania, I didn't really even understand that Abilene was a real place in Texas. I always joke now that I eventually ended up in Texas because my Dad planted that subliminal seed years ago. He still calls me Lea-Bean and now I live in Texas. I like the nickname Lea-Bean, If I'm going to be named after a food, it's one of the best, way better than say, Lea-Potato. 

I have two blogs. I write this one that is fitness-article driven in an attempt to provide value to my readers and clients. As a running coach, personal trainer and nutrition habits coach, I really want to share my knowledge so you can become a better athlete and a healthier person. When I write an article on this blog, I always make sure I am framing it in a way that can help people on their own journey. I regularly share nutrition tips, running and strength training workouts and fitness guidance and advice. While I may talk about my own experiences within a topic, it's less about me and more about how I can help you. 

I also have a personal blog called Running with Ollie (Ollie is my dog) where I write about my personal experiences, my feelings, and my life (oh, and I occasionally mention Ollie). I usually save my race recaps, conference rundowns or product reviews for that blog. It's my personal blog so if I am nervous, stressed or upset, I'll write about it over there. Writing is my creative outlet and my internal therapist so I may shrivel up and die and If I don't have a personal blog. However, since my business is growing by the day, it is becoming increasingly challenging to come up with the time, not to mention, produce the content to maintain two blogs. 

In an attempt to streamline my blogging processes, I have decided to start a column on this blog that is my personal outlet called 'Lea's Beans,' named in honor of my Dad's nickname for me. You will still get all the regular content that you are used to, with some more personal blogs peppered in. I hope it helps you get to know me better with a little more of a personal twist. 

Running with Ollie blog is not going away. I've been running that blog (pun intended) in different iterations since 2009. It is my baby that grew up and is ready to go out on its own. Once a month on Running with Ollie, I publish a post called 'Furry Feature' where I share the stories of runners with their four-legged running partners. I am going to convert Running with Ollie into a feature blog only. I love to share the stories of runners and their dogs and my readers love to see their furry faces. It's less time-consuming to maintain a weekly post with a feature than it is to write a fresh blog each week. 

Running with Ollie

Running with Ollie

Then I can move my race recaps, my personal experiences, and stories over to an occasional Lea's Beans blog on this site and write those types of blogs as they come up rather than feel pressure to publish something personal every week on my other blog. Sound good?

The Disney Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon

I'll start by telling you that by the time you are reading this I will be at Disney running the Star Wars Dark Side half marathon to celebrate our 20-year first-date-iversary. On April 25, 1998, my now-husband walked into the necktie store I was running in Grapevine, TX to buy a tie and ask me on a date. Forget that fact that it was probably stupid to get in a car with a complete stranger on the first day we met and that I've maybe seen him wear a tie two or three times since then over the last twenty years. It all worked out for the good. If you would have told us on that day in 1998 that we'd celebrate 20 years by running a Star Wars themed half marathon, we would've probably fallen off our bar stools laughing...

But here we are and I will admit that I am less prepared to run a half marathon than I prefer. I know I can finish but might be suffering along the way. Our only saving grace is that we are not trying to beat any records at a Star Wars themed half marathon, we don't even have corral placements, so we'll be starting in the back-back. We expect we will stop and smell the roses, or at least the stormtroopers along the way. My goal this time is to simply have fun because it is the only choice I have. 

Have you ever felt unprepared for a big race? Do you like my idea for Lea's Beans personal blog column? You'll continue to get all the content you've come to expect, now I just hope you can also get to know me a little better. I'll write a recap of the race once we get back and let you know how it went. Do you think I could twist my hair into Princess Leia buns? We'll have to see...

princess leia

If you would like to be featured on my Running with Ollie blog with your favorite four-legged running partner, fill out this form to be considered. I am accepting four each month, so you have a great chance to get featured. 

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